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For Sale: 250 Ton, HPM, Housing Type, 12" str., 18" DL, 36" x 24" bed, 40 HP (#19505)

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Housing Type   Floor Standing
Distance Between Housings:	   37" L R
Area of Bed (Nominal):	           36" L R x 24" F B
Area of Slide (Nominal):	   36" L R x 24" F B
Stroke of Gib Guided Slide:	   0 - 12" Maximum
Daylight Opening (Total):	   18" Maximum
Main Ram Diameter:	           16"/15.25" @ 2500 PSI - 250 Tons
Floor to Top of Bed:	           30"
Power Unit (Top Rear of Press):	   H.P.M. Model 4R 100 Pump,
			             50 GPM @ 2500 PSI Max.
	                           Driven by 40 HP 865 RPM
			             220/440/3/60 Motor
Speeds:	                           750"/Min. Closing
		                    57"/Min. Pressing to 250 Tons
	                           750"/Min. Return
Controls:	                   Pushbutton Operation With Stroke
			             and Pressure Controls
	                           Dual Palm Buttons
	                           Selector Switch For Manual or
			               Semi Automatic Operation
	                           Pressure Gauge
Weight Approx. 27,000#
Overall Dimensions Approx. 80" L R x 84" F B x 153" High
Serial No. N/A
Stock No. 19505

                                      FOB ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL