Electric Press Brake

Electric Press Brakes For Sale at Kempler Industries

Kempler sells brand new Electric Press Brakes. We also buy and sell used electric press brakes. Kempler has bought and sold many hundreds of hydraulic and mechanical brakes over the years. We are happy to offer electric press brakes to our customers and assist in bringing them the latest in cutting edge technology.

Please scroll to find a list of some of the Electric Press Brakes that Kempler offers. For the most up to date information about our current electric brake offerings, please contact our sales staff.  We offer standard and fully automated electric press brakes that can be customized to almost any application. With all the custom options available, do not hesitate to call 847-640-8600 or contact us to find out if a fully electric press brake is right for your operation.

If you have a press brake to sell, please contact our buying department. Or, perhaps, you want to discuss trading in your hydraulic or CNC brake for a new electric brake? Our sales staff will be happy to explore all the options that are available to you.

Euromac Electric Press Brakes
Kempler is proud to have Euromac Flex Bend series as part of their lineup.  Euromac offers the FX Bend starting with a 23 ton small electric press brake up to a 60 ton model.

Euromac FX Bend Electric Press Brake Catalog

In addition to selling new electric press brakes, Kempler is a dealer of all types of new and used machinery.  Sell your used electric press brake or any type of surplus brake to Kempler and get cash for your idle equipment.