Used CNC Brake for Sale

Kempler Industries inventories and assortment of used CNC brakes.  This page includes fully programmable CNC multiple axis press brakes.  Also listed on this page are all hydraulic and mechanical brakes equipped with a programmable single axis back gauge.

Current Inventory

40 Ton Pacific J40-10, 10' OA, 102" BH, 24" Automec 2-axis back gauge, 10' x 16 ga., #29353
Used 10 Ft. X 16 Ga. Pacific Model #J40-10 CNC Brake
60 Ton Accurpress #7606, 6' OA, 55" BH, 24" AP2 2-axis CNC back gauge, #29343
Used 6 Ft. X 10 Ga. Accurpress Model #7606 CNC Brake
70 Ton Adira QHD-6020, 80" OA, 61" BH, 6'6" X 10 Ga., 2-axis Cybelec CNC, new 2005, #28056
Used Adira QHD CNC Brake
90 Ton Pacific J90-8, 8’ OA, 6’6” BH, 8 Ft. X 10 Ga., 3 Axis Hurco Autobend 7 CNC, #29079
Used Pacific J90 CNC Press Brake
100 Ton Wysong THS100-72, 6' OA, 54" BH, 24" Automec CNC 300 back gauge, #29242
Used 6 Ft. X 1/4" Wysong CNC Brake
100 Ton Niagara HBM-100-10, 12' OA, 24" Autogauge CNC1000 back gauge, #29238
Used 12 Ft. X 12 Ga. Niagara Hydraulic Press Brake
110 Ton Guifil PE30/100, 121" OA, 76" BH, 24" 2-axis CNC, 9'8" x 10 ga., #29182
Used 110 Ton X 100" Model PE30-100 Guifil 2AX CNC Hydraulic Brake
130 Ton Accurpress #713012, 12' OA, 124" BH, 10' x 3/16", #29337
Used 10 Ft. X 3/16" Accurpress Model #713012 Hydraulic CNC Brake
135 Ton Pacific J135-10, 10’ OA, 8’4” BH, 3 Axis Hurco Autobend 7 CNC, #29166
Used 10 Ft. X 3/16" Pacific #J135-10 CNC Brake
140 Ton Pacific #J140-10 II, 120" OA, 102" BH, 10’ X 3/16”, 4-axis Cyblec CNC, new 2000, #29021
Used Pacific J140 CNC Brake
40 Ton Wysong # MTH140-144, 12' OA, 126" BH, 2-Axis CNC, #29206
Used 12 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #MTH140-144 CNC Brake
140 Ton Wysong # MTH140-192, 16' OA, 14'6" BH, 16'x 1/8", 2-Axis CNC, #29234
Used 16 Ft. X 1/8" Wysong #MTH140-192 CNC Brake
175 Ton Wysong #MTH175-144, 14' OA, 126" BH, 14' x 3/16", 1-Axis CNC, 2004, #29208
Used 14 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #MTH175-144 CNC Brake
250 Ton Accurpress #725012, 12' OA, 124" BH, 2-Axis Automec CNC600 Touchscreen (New 2024), 12' x 5/16", #29287
12 Ft. X 5/16" Accurpress Hydraulic Press Brake

Many press brakes are equipped with CNC controls (computerized numerical control).  Not all brakes with a CNC control, however, should be described as CNC brakes.  A press brake with a computer controlled single axis back gauge could be described as a CNC brake.  More accurately, a true CNC brake has a minimum of a 2 axis control where the CNC controls both the X-axis (horizontal gauge) and Y-axis (ram).  It is not uncommon for CNC Brakes to have more than 2 axes and many have a mulit-axis control. 

Kempler buys and sells all the various types of CNC Brakes including fully programmable CNC multiple axis brakes as well as hydraulic and mechanical brakes with single axis controllers.  CNC Brakes afford the user increased accuracy in repeatability, reduced set up time, and reduced manual labor leading to increased profitability.

For more than 50 years, Kempler has been one of the nation’s leading dealers specializing in buying and selling press brakes.  With the increased market presence of CNC press brakes, Kempler Industries has continually updated inventory to include more used CNC brakes to meet customers’ needs.  Our experienced sales team is ready to help you find the used CNC brake to fit your requirements.

Sell your surplus CNC Press Brakes to Kempler
Kempler is always looking for quality used equipment.  Kempler buys fully programmable CNC brakes as well as hydraulic and mechanical brakes with single axis programmable gauges.  Kempler also takes machines in trade.  Ask your salesperson about trading in your CNC Brake to Kempler. Fill out our short online form to inform us about your surplus CNC brake.

Don’t forget, machines from our inventory are guaranteed to be hydraulically and mechanically functional or can be returned with our 30 Day Return Privilege.