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Industrial buffing machines are used for buffing or polishing metals. These machines can be used to remove oxidative layers, enhance the look of a workpiece, and create a flat, defect-free surface. Industrial buffing machines are available in different horsepower and mounting options to suit your purpose. They are able to buff and polish workpieces depending on the attached buffing/polishing wheel and the grit of the buffing or polishing compound used on the wheel. Buffing machines are excellent for polishing and buffing hard to reach areas of a metal workpiece and significantly reduce the time needed to fully polish and buff an item.

Buffing vs. Polishing


Polishing is used to improve a metal surface and prepare it for buffing. Polishing uses coarse compounds on a polishing wheel to obtain the wanted effect on the metal surface. Depending on what you are polishing and the intended effect, there are different grits of polishing compounds available.


Buffing is the process used after a metal workpiece is polished and produces a mirror finish or smooth high luster surface depending on the desired effect. There are two general types of buffing. Cut Buffing and color buffing.

Cut Buffing

Cut buffing uses a coarse buffing compound to remove small scratches and dents and generally makes a surface smoother. Depending on the metal being buffed, cut buffing may produce a satisfactory enough result that color buffing is not required.

Color buffing

Before a piece may be color buffed, it must first be cut buffed. Color buffing uses finer buffing compounds to bring out the maximum amount of shine in a workpiece and results in a mirror like finish in metal. Highly polished metals are indispensable for industries where metals need to remain and appear clean and sanitary.