For Sale: Euromac FX Bend 1023 Electric Press Brake

Brand New 23 Ton Euromac FX Bend 1023, Fully Electric Press Brake, 40” Bending Length, #B5019

Euromac FX Bend 1023 Electric Press Brake for sale at Kempler Industries

Kempler is proud to sell brand new Electric FX Bend 1023 Euromac Press Brakes.  In addition to the FX Bend 1023, Kempler offers the entire FX Bend Series of Electric Brakes.  For more detailed information, please view the Euromac FX Bend Catalog.  To purchase your Euromac Electric Brake, or for additional information including pricing, please contact us by filling out this short form or call us at 847-640-8600

Max. Bending Force:                     23 Ton
Bending Length:                         40”
Y Axis Stroke:                          7.7”
Y Axis Speed:                           7.8”
Opening (table to ram):                 18.5”
Table to Ram Opening:                   15.5”
Control Unit:                           touch screen LCD
Connections:                            Wireless, (2) USB Ports
Motor Power (Kw):                       1x5,2
Connected Load (kWa):                   5
Approx. Weight:                         5,000 lbs.            


Back Gauges Options:

  • 4 Axis Back Gauge
    • (X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • 6 Axis Back Gauge
    • (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2)


For additional features, options, and more detailed specifications, view the Euromac FXbend Catalog.

If you are looking for a versatile but small electric press brake, the FX Bend 1023 may be right for you.  This Euromac FX Bend 1023 is transportable, reliable, and innovative.

To purchase this Euromac FX Bend 1023 Electric Press Brake, or for more information (including pricing) about any of the Electric Press Brakes we offer, please fill out this short form or call us at 847-640-8600.

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