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An industrial oven, just like the heating appliance in a kitchen, is used to dry, cure, or bake parts, components, or finished manufactured products through the use of applied heat. In addition to simply removing moisture, various types of ovens are required when there is a physical or chemical change that an item must undergo. Baking food products, curing epoxies or other chemical substances, and heat-treating wood materials are a few of the tasks for industrial ovens.

Ovens are available in an assortment of sizes to accommodate bench-level testing to high-volume processing.

Types of Industrial Ovens

  • Small batch ovens—for small production or testing purposes
  • Conveyor ovens—for automated oven production
  • Curing ovens—for activating chemicals, such as in powder-coating applications
  • Drying ovens—for moisture removal, such as in ceramic kilns (baking ovens combine the features of curing and drying ovens)
  • Reflow ovens—a specialized type of oven used in electronics assembly on printed circuit boards, designed to cause solder to reflow under heat for mounting components

Select from our inventory of pre-owned ovens.

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