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Slitting is the process of dividing large rolled material into narrower rolls. Metal slitting uses a shearing method for clean edges, while softer materials (plastics, rubber, tape, foam, foil, paper, etc.) are slit with blades of various types (depending on the actual material).

Slitting machines are available in two types: log slitters and rewind slitters.

  • Log slitters process the entire roll as a unit, cutting it into narrower rolls
  • Rewind slitters unroll the material and it is fed flat through the cutting blades, lasers, or shear

General Features of Slitting Machines

  • Heavy duty industrial slitting capability, available for a variety of materials and applications
  • Razor, rotary shear, or crush cut slitting
  • Capacities for a variety of rolls sizes
  • Actual specifications vary by model

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