For Sale: Used Pacific J135 Hydraulic Brake

130 Ton Pacific #J135-12, 12’ OA, 10’6” BH, 10 Ft. X 3/16", #29006
Model no. J135-12
Bending capacity:                 12' x 10 ga. mild steel
                                  11' x 3/16" mild steel
                                  8'4" x 1/4" mild steel
Tonnage capacity:                 135 tons
Overall length of bed & ram:      12'
Distance between housings:        10'6"
Stroke:                           8"
Open height:                      13"
Closed height:                    5"
Throat depth:                     7"
Width of bed:                     8"
Floor to top of bed:              35"
Speeds approx.:                   160"/minute rapid approach
                                  75"/minute forming
                                  12"/minute anti-whip
                                  143"/minute rapid return
EQUIPPED WITH:  Dual palm buttons for run with emergency stop button
                Electric foot switch for up-down &
                  emergency stop button
                Pushbuttons for start - stop
                3" high die rail
                Key selector switches for inch-single stroke manual
                  return - auto return; advance speed selector for
                  rapid advance anti-whip - rapid advance normal press
                Power tonnage control
                Depth control with depth stop indicator
                Ram tilt adjustment
                Stroke length adjustment
                Fine tilt adjustment
                Sectional ram die clamps
                Dovetail slots in front & back of bed
                Hydraulic pump, driven by
                25 HP 1775 RPM 230/460/3/60 motor
Weight approx. 20,000 lbs.
Overall dimensions approx. 154" L-R x 55" F-B x 105" H
Serial no. 8922
Stock no. 29006
                                FOB ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL


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