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  • Types: used waterjet machines, CNC Waterjets, waterjet pumps
  • Manufacturers: Flow, Omax and others.

Sell Your Used Waterjet.

Do you have a used waterjet?  Kempler is looking to buy your surplus waterjet. Sell used machinery to us and get cash for your used waterjet and CNC waterjets.

Current Inventory

6′ X 12′ TECHNI i613-62-08 CNC Waterjet, 2021 – 66,000 PSI, 5 Axis Head, Low Hours, new 2021, #29315
6 Ft. X 12 Ft. Techni Model I613-62-08 CNC Waterjet



Waterjet cutting uses supersonic water, or water and abrasive, to erode material. Waterjet is a cold cutting process and are unlimited in what they can cut.

At Kempler, we buy and sell used waterjet and CNC waterjets.  

Most commonly, we buy and sell Flow waterjet and Omax waterjet machines.  However, we buy and sell other manufacturers of water jets as well. 

Do you have a surplus Flow waterjet?  Maybe you have a pre-owned Omax water jet.  Sell it to Kempler and get cash for your unused waterjets.  We are always Flow waterjet buyers and Omax waterjet buyers.  Don't let your idle waterjet machinery sit in surplus.  We will buy your used waterjet or find a buyer for it.

Flow is one of the most popular waterjet cuttuing machines on the market.  Orignally called Flow Research, their roots go back to the 70's.  Former Boeing scientists created the first waterjet technology when they used a UHP waterjet as cutting tool.  That was followed by the first commercial abrasive waterjet cutting system.  Flow has sold over 13,000 waterjet and abrasive waterjet systems worldwide.

Omax is another very popular waterjet manufacturer.  OMAX is known for easy-to-use abrasive waterjet machines for precision cutting of any material.  Omax updates its software and hardware regularly so pre-owned waterjets do not often become obsolete.  These updates and upgrades ensure that their used Omax waterjets evolve with the technology.