Kempler Sells Used HTC Press Brakes and HTC Shears

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HTC, known also as Hydra-Tool Corp, or The Hydra Tool Corporation manufactured Hydraulic Shears and Hydraulic Press Brakes in the 1970's and 80's. Most of the Brakes that they manufactured were Hydra-Mechanical style Press Brakes.

HTC Machines For Sale
Used 10 Ft. X 10 Ga. HTC Hydraulic Brake
100 Ton HTC #100-10H, 10’ OA, 8’5” BH, #28491
Used 12 Ft. X 3/16" HTC Hydraulic Press Brake
155 Ton HTC #155-12H, 12’ OA, 10’5” BH, #28514
Used 10 Ft. X 1/4" HTC Hydraulic Shear
1/4" x 10 HTC 250-10A, 36” FOPBG, #28534
Used 10 Ft. X 1/4" HTC Hydraulic Shear
1/4" x 10’ HTC 250-10A, 36” FOPBG, squaring arm, #28535
Used 12 Ft. X 1/4" HTC Hydraulic Shear
1/4” x 12’ HTC Model 250-12A, 48” FOPBG, 10’ sg. arm, 2 support arms, #28493
Used 10 Ft. X 3/8" HTC Hydraulic Shear
3/8” x 10’ HTC #375-10A, 36” FOPBG, squaring arm, #28536
Used 12 Ft. X 5/8" HTC #502G Hydraulic Brake
500 Ton HTC 502G, 12’ OA, 10’5” BH, 32” manual back gauge (front operated), #28587
Used 12 Ft. X 1/2" HTC Hydraulic Shear
1/2" x 12' HTC, #500-12SR, 36" FOPBG, squaring arm, #28163

HTC Parts

While they no longer manufacture new machinery, parts and service for used HTC Brakes and Shears is still available. Although Hydra Tool was originally located in Greenwood, MS, their parts and service department is currently located in Mt. Carmel, IL.

For HTC parts and service, please contact Pacific Press Technologies: or Call 618-262-8666 ext. 6 email