New and Used Geka Hydracrop Ironworkers for Sale from Kempler Industries

Kempler is proud to sell brand new Geka Hydracrop Ironworkers in addition to selling used Geka ironworkers. Along with the Two-cylinder hydracrop, Kempler also offers the entire Geka Hydraulic Ironworker line. For pricing and more detailed information about the new and used Geka Ironwokers that Kempler currently has to offer, visit our Geka inventory page or contact Kempler's sales team at 847-737-8866.

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Geka Hydracrop ‘S’ Series Ironworkers

The Geka Hydracrop is a Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker.  The 2 independent hydraulic cylinders create the opportunity for two operators to work simultaneously at 2 of the 5 work stations these ironworkers offer at the same time.  It is one of the most efficient Ironworkers on the market and is the most popular series of Ironworkers that Geka offers.

The Hydracrop comes in 2 versions (the ‘S’ and ‘SD’) and is offered in punching capacities from 60 – 240 Tons. 

The Geka Hydracrop ‘S’ Series Ironworkers have a standard throat size.  They are offered in the following models:


Hydracrop ‘SD’ Series

The Hydracrop ‘SD’ series is identical to the Hydracrop S model, except the "SD" version has larger throat length.


Geka Hydracrop Catalogs and PDF Manuals

View and download the Hydracrop series catalog for more detailed information about each of the Hydracrop models.  Also find the hydracrop accessories catalog to see what options Geka offers for these Ironworkers. 


For more information about Geka Hydracrop Ironwokers, including pricing, contact Kempler's sales team at 847-737-8866