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Ultra Modern Industrial Sign Mfg. Facility

May 15, 2018 | 10:30 AM
Rancho Cucamonga, CA US

Full Equipment List

Fabrication Machinery :
Chicago HPB11040 120 Ton x 13’ CNC Hydraulic
Press Brake s/n 324496T w/ Chicago SB-230- A
CNC Controls, 158” (13’2”) Bed Length, 12” Throat,
136” Between Uprights.
HTC 250-12A ¼”/10GA x 12’ Hydraulic Power
Shear s/n A1274848 w/ Power Back Gage System,
52”Squaring Arm, Front Supports.
MiltiCam 5000 Series CNC Router s/n 5-305- 12-
PF05463 w/ MultiCam HMI 20 Pendant Controls,
12-Station ATC, Taper Spindle, 24,000-32,000 RPM
Spindle, 80” x 147” Table, MultiCam mdl. TV425
TurboVac Vacuum System.

2008 Computerized Cutters, Inc. “ACCU-BEND”
mdl. 410 Automated Letter Bender s/n 0107-582-
0308K w/ Windows Based Controls, Neon Wizard
6 / Sign Wizard 6 Software, Feed Table, Straightener
Assy,Notcher, Bender Assy, Cutter.
2010 Piranha P-90 90-Ton Iron Worker s/m P90-
2012 w/ 1 1/8” thru 1” Punch Cap., 1” x 12” – ¾”
x 18” – ½” x 20” Straight Shear Cap., 6” x 6” x 5/8”
Angle Shear, 2” Round – 1 3/8” Square Bar Shear
Cap., 4” x 6” x 3/8” Coper / Notcher, 12” Press
Brake Attachment.
Piranha P50 50-Ton Iron Worker w/ 1 1/16” thru
½” – 13/16” thru ¾” Punch Cap., 1” x 4” – ¾” x 10”,
5/8” x 15” Straight Shear Cap., 5” x 5” x 3/8” Angle
Shear Cap., 1 ½” Round – 1” Square Bar Shear Cap.,
2 ¾” x 4” x ¼” Coper / Notcher.
2007 Baileigh AF-B Type 226 8 5/8” x 8 5/8” Power
Corner Notcher s/n C3285 w/ Fence.
Dayton mdl. 4YG34 52” Foot Shear w/ Manual Back
Gage, Front Supports.
Dayton mdl. 4YG33 48” Finger Brake.
Rogers Mfg No. 20 C-Frame Mechanical Press s/n
R-20- 164 w/ 10 ½” Throat, Roll Stand.
Chief Enterprises “Letterlok 4000” mdl. LL4000
Norlok Riveter s/n 07033 w/ 25” Throat, Cap .090”
=.063” Aluminum, 48” x 144” Table.
Ruoff Power Notcher s/n 4704B.


2007 Elumatec Type DG142/02 Double Up-Acting Miter
Saw s/n 1429130873 w/ Elumatec Controls,
Pneumatic Clamping and Feeds, 6.5 Meter (255.9”)
Length Cap, Roller Center Support.
Hendrick mdl. HPS126 11’ Horizontal Panel Saw s/n
29638 w/ 92” x 126” Table, Pneumatic Hold Downs,
5Hp Motor, Dual Bag Dust Collector.
W.F.Wells mdl. L-10 10” Horizontal Band Saw s/n
L071384 w/ Manual Clamping, Coolant, Conveyors.
DoAll mdl. 3613-V3 36” Vertical Band Saw s/n 568-08138
w/ 30-5500 Dial FPM, 26” x 26” Table.
2007 Pioneer mdl. PNR10-170 16” Vertical Band Saw s/n
07100109 w/ 17” x 17” Table.
2008 Delta ‘Unisaw” mdl. 36-L31X Table Saw s/n
08B11269 w/ 27” x 84” Extended Table, Blade Guard.

Paint and Support

(2) Future Cure mdl. 2000 RDD Automotive Type Paint
Booths w/ 15’10”W x 32’6”L x 12’11”H, 1,500,000
BTU Gas Fired Heater, (2) 36” x 180” Filters, 3Hp Exhaust
Fan, Lights, Folding Double Doors.
Graco ProMix II Electronic Component Proportioner s/n
AO389 w/ EasyWay PLC Controls.
Import mdl. G0521 Drilling / Tapping Machine w/ 1”
Max Drill – 7/8” Max Tap Diameters, 190-2250
Ryobi Bench Model Drill Press w/ Rolling Bench.
Kufo-Seco mdl. UFO-102B Dual Bag Dust Collector.
(2) Jet mdl. DC-650A Bag Style Dust Collectors.


(2) Miller Millermatic 252 Wire Welders s/n’s LJ140076B,
(2) OTC Daiher “MIG 135” mdl. CPSS-135 MIG Welders
w/ Spool Guns.
Miller Thunderbolt XL 225/150 Amp CC-AC/DC Arc
welding Power Source s/n LH431128Y (BENT CASE).
Miller Spectrum 1000 DC Plasma Cutting System with
Auto-Line s/n LJ190319P w/ Cart.
Welding Torch Cart w/ Acces.
48” x 52” Welding Table.

Graphics Department :

Graphtec Cutting PRO FC7000
MK2-160 6’ Vinyl Cutter.
Graphtec Cutting PRO FC7000
MK2-130 5’ Vinyl Cutter.
Gerber enVision Vinyl Cutter
Plotter s/n E15801003.
Gerber EDGE FX mdl.
GSPFTP3 Thermal Printer
s/n F010804001.

Material Handling :

Toyota 7FGCU35 6430 Lb Cap
LPG Forklift s/n 60329
w/ 3-Stage Mast, 199” Lift
Height, Side Shift,
Cushion Tires, 12,631 Hours.
Toyota 5FBE18 3230 Lb Cap
Electric Forklift s/n 21440 w/
3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Solid
Tires, Charger.
Vertical and Horizontal Sheet
Stock Racks.
Cantilever Material Racks.
(7) Sections of Pallet Racking.
Assemble Tables 60” x 288”,
(2) 54” x 112”, (2) 52” x 100”,
56” x 96”.

Conference Table w/ (8)
Desks, Tables, (7) Office
Cubicles, Reception Furniture.

Additional Information


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United States

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