Guide to Buying a Used Press Brake

Guide to Buying a Used Press Brake

Buying previously owned fabrication equipment is a great way to save money when outfitting your manufacturing business. Like anything else, though, buying a used machine is not without it’s risks. This guide will help you choose the right used press brake, ensuring it’s in good working order and comes with everything you need to operate it.

What is a press brake?

Most commonly used in metal fabrication applications, a press brake is a machine specifically designed for bending material. Using a punch and die, metal is bent into shape using previously plotted bends. The press brake can complete several bends in the same project material to achieve the final form. Press brakes are one of the most common machines found in metal fabrication plants and factories and are relatively easy to find used.

Where can I buy a used press brake?

Used press brake dealers like Kempler Industries are going to be your best bet for finding a used press brake. Three generations have been selling used fabrication equipment at Kempler and combined, the Kempler team boasts over  200 years of experience selling quality used machines. What’s more, Kempler offers a 30-day return privilege for a complete refund on any previously owned fabrication machinery you buy. So, not only can you rest assured your purchase is backed by the integrity of a family-run business with five decades of experience, but you will also be protected by the return privilege.

Another place to look for used press brakes is at auctions liquidating entire plants and factories. Often buyers are able to get the used press brakes they need for a much lower price. Check out the upcoming auctions by KI Auctions: auctions and liquidations.

What questions should I ask about a used press brake?

If you’ve located the previously owned press brake you want to buy, it’s important to make sure you’ve got all the information you need before finalizing the sale.

Here are 6 questions that might come in handy before buying a used press brake:

  1. Are there photos available of the used press brake? This is an important question because textual descriptions don’t always paint a full picture.
  2. Are the various parts of the press brake in good working order and condition? This question can prevent expensive repairs down the road. Pay specific attention to the backguage, as this can be costly to replace.
  3. Does the press brake in question meet the safety standards used by your company and by government regulations? Ensuring the machine meets all safety requirements is an important thing to do to prevent shutdowns, accidents and having to replace the machine after an inspection.
  4. What is the press brakes tonnage? This will determine if it’s the right press brake for the application in which you intend to use it.
  5. Will the seller help you load the used press brake for transport? When purchasing used equipment from experienced used press brake dealers like Kempler Industries, ensure they will help you load the previously owned machine so you can transport it to your facility. When you purchase from Kempler, our overhead cranes will load any purchased machinery for you.
  6. Will the seller take the machine back if it doesn’t work for you? At Kempler Industries, any used machines you buy from us are backed by our 30-day return privilege, offering you a full refund on any piece of machinery you buy from us.

While there are many more details that will determine whether or not a press brake is right for your business, these six main questions are going to give you the most information. Jot them down or print them out before participating in an auction or going to see a used press brake for sale.

What factors should I consider before purchasing a used press brake?

There are so many different shapes and sizes of press brakes out there, each perfect for different applications.

It’s important to know what you need before you purchase a used press brake so consider these 4 factors before beginning your search:

  1. What application do you need the press brake for? Make sure the particular model of press brake you’re considering purchasing is the right fit for the application you need it for.
  2. What materials are you working with? Different materials will require different amounts of force to bend. Making sure the press brake in question functions with the force required for the material you’re working with is going to save a lot of wasted time.
  3. How is the press brake controlled? New press brakes come with CNC controls, but it’s worth it to look into how a used press brake is controlled and whether or not the software can be updated.
  4. What is the press brake’s footprint? Make sure you have enough space where you intend to place the used press brake.

Do you need help finding the right used press brake?

If you’re in the market for a used press brake but you’re having trouble finding what you need, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Kempler Industries and we’ll help you find a press brake that suits your needs. With over 50 years in the used fabrication machinery business, Kempler Industries is the answer you’re looking for.

Are you looking to sell your surplus press brakes?

If you’re looking to liquidate your surplus press brakes, give Kempler a call. We are always in the market to add used press brakes to our inventory. We can help auction, consign or liquidate your surplus press brakes so you can focus on your business.


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