Where Can You Sell Used Industrial Equipment?

Where Can You Sell Used Industrial Equipment?

Manufacturers and fabrication plants routinely upgrade equipment. Sometimes a company needs to change locations or even close up shop for good. Whatever your reason for selling used industrial equipment, it helps to know how to do it. Asset recovery is an important part of running a business and affects your bottom line. Not only does surplus equipment take up space, but there is latent value in these machines to be recovered. You want to make sure you’re maximizing the value in surplus machines and equipment. This can allow you to reinvest that value into more profitable equipment and space usage. Of course, like anything else these days, you can sell your used machinery on the internet to unload it and recover its value. To that end, we’ve whipped together a quick and easy guide to selling used industrial machinery for your reference so that your business can offload used industrial equipment effectively and efficiently.

Before You Sell Used Industrial Equipment

You’ve probably landed on this page because you already have used equipment you want to unload. However, it can be helpful to take a few things into consideration before you’re ever in that position.

Industrial Equipment Maintenance

Before you ever even get to the selling stage, sticking to a rigid maintenance routine is going to protect the value of your investment. Make sure you’re keeping your industrial equipment in great shape so that when the time comes to sell it, the unit fetches top dollar.  This may be hindsight now, but a well-cared-for machine is a more valuable asset than equipment that has been neglected.

Take Inventory of Your Surplus Heavy Machinery

This step is going to be easier for you if you’re just selling one machine, but if you’ve got a whole plant full of equipment that you would like to offload, take an inventory of all of the used industrial machine you’re selling. Make a note of the condition of each unity while also gathering any documentation, accessories and parts you may have for them. This will come in handy when you approach a buyer and it can identify other equipment to offload.

Research Used Industrial Equipment

It’s important to understand what you have to sell, and get a good idea of the demand for such equipment. In some cases, you may find that your surplus equipment is obsolete. This can be a daunting undertaking, especially if you’re selling numerous machines. It’s a time-consuming job to find out what your equipment is worth and who needs it. That’s why many used equipment sellers opt in to using an experienced dealer like Kempler Industries. With over five decades of experience selling used industrial equipment, Kempler Industries understands the business of unloading surplus equipment. From the get-go, they’ll find the value in your machine, allowing you to carry on with what’s important: your business.

Carry Out Repairs On Your Used Commercial Equipment

If you have the resources in-house to repair any broken machinery, you should take advantage of that to increase the value you can get from your used industrial equipment. It always helps the selling process to have your machines in good working order.

Who Buys Used Equipment?

Buyers of used industrial equipment are all over the place, but finding them can be the tricky part. Of course, you can go the route of listing the machinery you’re selling yourself utilizing listing services like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and more but it’s far easier and less time-consuming to sell your machinery to a trusted used equipment dealer. You get the benefit of their knowledge and expertise when it comes to the value and pricing of your used equipment, but you’ll also get your used industrial machinery out in front of their vast customer list. The longer the used equipment dealer has been in business, the bigger their buyer base is, which means you’ll have increased success selling your surplus machinery.

How to Sell Used Heavy Equipment

There are several different ways you can go about selling your surplus industrial equipment. First, you can sell it yourself, which means cleaning your machines up, taking photos, listing your items for sale, fielding calls and looky-loos and arranging for transportation yourself. This can be a lot of time-consuming work for someone running a fabrication plant, so the alternatives are often the best route to take. They include auction, liquidation and consignment.

Auction Your Surplus Industrial Equipment

Often the best choice for those unloading entire plants full of equipment, auctions enable the seller to put a time limit on the sale, and ensures the best price in that time frame. A great choice for those who need to get rid of their inventory fast. Most used industrial equipment auctions are conducted online, these days, which makes it even easier for the seller. Experienced and knowledgeable used equipment dealers can set up your auction for you, which means not only do you get to focus on your business, but you also get to put your surplus equipment out in front of their accumulated list of buyers. You get the advantage of their years of expertise and networking, ensure the auction is a success and you can recover the value of your assets while still focussing on the meat and potatoes of your work. At Kempler Industries, we’ve been auctioning surplus industrial equipment for decades, building a vast network of potential buyers for your used machinery. Get your auction started now by contacting Kempler Industries.

Liquidate Your Used Fabrication Machinery

Used industrial equipment dealers like Kempler Industries are set up to buy your surplus fabrication and metalworking machinery. At Kempler, we will assess your used machinery, gove you a fair price and take it off your hands. It’s painless and easy to recoup the latent value in your surplus machinery. Kempler Industries relies on purchasing surplus equipment like yours, which means we can pay for your equipment quickly and with ease. Our budget centers around a large portion earmarked to buy and sell used equipment. That means you can turn your surplus equipment into cash quickly, freeing up space in your plant for more profitable endeavors. What’s more, Kempler Industries has 5 decades of experience moving machinery and equipment and can get it out of your hair in days and sometimes hours. It’s simple, and can easily take place in the background while you continue to run your business.

Consign Your Surplus Industrial Machinery

Kempler Industries offers a simple consignment option for sellers who may be willing to wait longer to get a better price for their surplus machinery. Consignment is the process of selling your surplus machinery through Kempler Industries as opposed to selling it to Kempler. As the owner of the equipment, you retain that ownership until the sale is complete. When you consign your surplus industrial equipment, the consignor and consignee agree to a split of the profits from the sale of each machine or the consignor works on a mutually agreed upon commission. That means, for a small portion of the consignment sale price, Kempler Industries will take care of everything for you, getting your used commercial equipment out in front of our vast network of buyers that took decades to build. With our expertise and immense experience, you’ll get the best price possible for your used industrial equipment.

Sell Your Surplus Industrial Machinery

While there are a multitude of options when it comes to selling your used commercial equipment, there are clear advantages to reaching out to an established and trusted used equipment dealer like Kempler Industries. We take care of everything for you, enabling you to continue to focus on what really matters: your business. It saves you time, ensures great purchase prices for all of your surplus equipment and puts the value of your dormant equipment back into your pocket.

Why Kempler?

Kempler Industries has over 50 years of extensive experience buying and selling used industrial equipment. Of all used machinery dealers nationwide, Kempler is deeply revered for their know-how, knowledge, customer care, honesty and integrity spanning over 5 decades. Our marketing and customer base become your advantages when you choose to sell your used industrial equipment with Kempler Industries. 

So, if you’re looking to unload an entire plant or a single machine, Kempler Industries will quickly connect you with a buyer for your surplus machinery. Kempler will notify our established and growing network of buyers of your surplus machinery and make use of our experienced marketing team to ensure the right buyer sees your equipment. Kempler Industries uses advanced search engine optimization and strategic pay-per click advertising techniques to attract new online buyers every day.

Let us put our large buyer network and extensive marketing lists to work for you. Kempler will work to sell your surplus used machinery at the highest possible price. We are equipped to handle every step throughout the sales process, so you can stay focused on what’s important to you, running your business.

Get Started Selling Your Used Industrial Equipment

If you have used machines you need off your plant floor and out of your hair, don’t wait. Give Kempler Industries a call today and we’ll take it from there. Reach out to Kempler to get the ball rolling. Click here.

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