How to Auction Your Surplus Machinery

Auction Your Surplus Machinery

Auctions provide a liquidation solution for businesses with multiple used machines to unload. Whether you’re closing up shop or moving to a new location, auctioning off all your used equipment will save you time and hassle. Located in Chicago, Kempler Industries is a family run and owned dealer with over 50 years of experience. Taking advantage of Kempler Industries Auction services lets you tap into that expertise while we do all the work!

What is an Auction?

A Kempler Industries auction is an online sale where potential buyers bid on used commercial equipment. The highest bidder wins the machine they’ve bid on and the profits are divided between the seller and Kempler based on previously agreed upon terms. That means, for a small portion of the consignment sale price, Kempler Industries will take care of everything for you.

Why Auction Your Used Machinery with Kempler?

Kempler Industries has over 5 decades of experience buying and selling used machinery. When it comes to machinery dealers nationwide, Kempler is highly respected for their experience, knowledge, honesty and integrity spanning 50 years. Selling your surplus at auction with Kempler Industries means you get to take advantage of that reputation as well as our extensive customer base and marketing.

Whether it’s one machine or an entire plant, Kempler Industries can connect you with a buyer for your surplus machinery. As an auction has a definite end date, buyers are highly motivated and often have heightened enthusiasm, hoping to win with their bid. Buyers are also drawn to auctions as it enables them to outfit entire manufacturing plants at a discounted cost. This all translates to quick, easy sales and cash in pocket for you.

Our auctions are promoted on our high-traffic website which means it gets out in front of our established and growing customer base. We’ll also make use of our substantial marketing experience. Kempler Industries uses advanced search engine optimization and strategic pay-per click advertising techniques to attract new online buyers every day.

Let us put our large customer base and extensive mailing list to work for you. Kempler will organize and promote the auction. We are equipped to handle every step throughout the auction process as well, so you can stay focused on what’s important to you, running your business.

What Do I Get if I Auction My Surplus Equipment?

Kempler will list your machinery with vibrant photos and an informative description at an online auction. Your used equipment will be accessible by our high volume web traffic, ensuring the success of the auction. We’ll watch the bids, facilitate payment and ensure the buyer gets his new machinery in one piece. You don’t have to do anything.

Auctioning off your surplus machinery with Kempler Industries means you get to sell it all without doing the legwork. Instead of taking a hit to both your time and money selling your surplus machinery one by one yourself, you get to tap into a network of serious bidders, the expertise of 50 years of experience, our effective marketing initiatives and storage facilities. It makes the used machinery auction process painless and easy.

Why Should I Choose an Auction Over Consignment or Liquidation?

When you’ve got an entire plant full of manufacturing equipment that you have to turn into cash fast, an auction is your best choice for several reasons.

4 Benefits of Auctioning Your Surplus with Kempler

  1. There’s a time limit - This comes in incredibly handy when you’re moving to another location or closing up shop. You have a date that you need everything gone, and it’s non-negotiable. An auction can accommodate your deadline, ensuring you’re getting the highest bids by a certain date.
  2. You’ll get the highest price possible in the time frame allotted. Buyers offer what they’re willing to pay, and the highest bid wins out in the end, ensuring you get the largest return possible on your surplus machinery.
  3. It’s much easier and quicker to liquidate a larger quantity of items at auction. Consignment is perfect for smaller quantities.
  4. Buyers are extremely motivated when it comes to auctions, as there is a time limit in place, creating a sense of urgency.

I Want to Auction My Surplus Equipment, How do I Get Started?

If you’ve decided an auction is the best choice for you and your business, get in touch with Kempler Industries today. We’ll assess your surplus machinery, snap appealing photographs and catalogue your inventory for our online auctions. We’ll organize it all into lots for you, set reserve prices and decide on auction dates with your assistance. We’ll run the auction on our end, and when everything closes and the last bid is in, we’ll take care of the winning bids, matching buyers up with the equipment they’ve purchased.

Please fill out the form below if you have surplus equipment that you would consider auctioning or call us at 847-737-4502.

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