Where Can You Sell Used Sheet Metal Shears?

Where Can You Sell Sheet Metal Shears?

A fabrication plant operator may have several reasons to sell shears. Moving to a new facility, upgrading machinery and closing the plant doors are just a few of these reasons. In any of these cases, what can an owner or manager do with their used shears when they need to unload them? Where can a plant manager sell surplus shears to free up space for upgrades and new equipment? Whether you’re selling Amada hydraulic shears, Pexto foot shears or an Accurshear machine, it helps to know how to do it. Recovering the value of these expensive machines can have a significant effect on your bottom line. Surplus shears take up much-needed space on a plant floor and the latent value in these machines can be game-changing. Maximizing the value in your surplus shears means knowing how to find buyers. This enables you to reinvest in more profitable activities and machinery. As with anything these days, your surplus shears can be sold to buyers on the internet, making the sale of such equipment much easier for you. Kempler Industries put together this quick and easy-to-understand guide to selling your surplus shears so that your company can sell your used machinery with ease.

Before You Sell Surplus Metal Shears

You’re most likely here because you already have surplus shears you want to unload and you’re in search of a buyer. It’s good practice to take a few things into consideration before you sell your shears.

Maintenance of Sheet Metal Shears

As a fabrication equipment owner or manager, sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is best to ensure there is no loss of value in your shears. An effective maintenance regimen is an investment in your machinery and ensures you’ll get a good price when you’re ready to sell used shears of any kind.  Always use your shears according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Make sure there is lubrication where needed  Keep your shears clean by tidying them up every day after use. Make it part of your daily routine to inspect all parts of your sheet metal shears and make repairs when they are required. Taking care of your machinery now is an investment in its latent value and you’ll be able to recoup more of that value when it comes time to sell it.

Take Inventory of Your Surplus Shears

If you’re selling multiple shears, make sure you’ve got a detailed inventory of the used equipment you’re unloading. Make a note of the brands such as Wysong, Niagara, Cincinnati and Pexto. What types of power shears are you selling? Are they hydraulic shears, plate shears, or maybe electric sheet metal shears? Take notes of the condition of all of your used shears while also gathering the manuals, and any related gear you may have. All of this will add value to your shears when you find a potential buyer. The process may help you identify other surplus machinery you need to offload as well.

Research The Going Rate For Your Shears

Understanding the value in the power metal shears you’re offloading gives you a good grasp of what the demand might be for it. In rare cases, you may find that your used shears are out of date. Gathering information on your equipment can be time-consuming, especially if you’re looking to sell multiple shears. It can take some time to find out the value of your shears and what you might expect to sell them for. That’s why the majority of those selling used shears choose to use an experienced surplus shears dealer like Kempler Industries. Fifty-plus years of experience selling previously owned fabrication machinery makes Kempler Industries highly knowledgeable in the business of selling surplus shears. Right off the bat, Kempler will find the value in your used equipment, taking all that research off your plate and allowing you to focus on your job.

Carry Out Repairs On Your Used Metal Shears

If you notice that any of your shears are in need of repairs, you should get those repairs done to increase the final sale price of your used equipment. It’s much easier and more lucrative to sell machines in good repair. Even if you have to hire in an outside repairman to get your shears in good shape, it’s always best practice to do so. That way, you’ll be able to find a buyer for your used shears with ease.

Who Buys Used Shears?

Buyers for used shears are everywhere, but locating those buyers can be difficult. Services like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and more exist for you to list your surplus machinery yourself but it can be a huge time-drain. It’s far easier and less time-consuming to sell your used shears to a trusted used machinery dealer. You directly benefit from their experience and knowledge about the pricing of your surplus shears, and you’ll benefit from getting your used shears in front of their vast buyer base. The more experienced the dealer is, the bigger their customer list is, which means you’ll have better success selling your surplus shears.

How to Sell Used Shears

There are a few different directions you can take to unload your surplus shears. First, you can sell them on your own, which will entail cleaning your equipment up, snapping your own photos, listing your surplus shears for sale in various locations, answering calls and questions and arranging to move the equipment. This can be a great deal of work for someone who is also working a full-time job in a fabrication plant, so let’s take a look at some alternatives. They include auction, liquidation and consignment.

Auction your surplus Metal Cutting Shears

This is a perfect option for anyone looking to sell multiple shears or entire plants at once. Auctions have a time limit on the sale, which enables sellers to unload their machinery quickly and ensures surplus shears will grab the best price within that time. As such, it’s a great choice for sellers who need to get rid of their surplus shears inventory quickly. Auctions for used shears are conducted on the internet which means the entire process is even easier for the seller. Experienced and knowledgeable used shears dealers will run your auction for you from beginning to end, and that means you can focus on your job. As a bonus, you’ll be able to get your surplus shears out in front of their customers. As a seller, you get the advantage of their experience and networking, ensuring the auction is successful. It makes it easy to recover the value of your surplus shears while still operating your company. At Kempler Industries, we’ve been auctioning surplus shears for over fifty years, building a massive network of potential buyers for your used equipment. Get your auction started now by contacting Kempler Industries.

Liquidate your Used Scrap Metal Shears

Dealers who sell used shears like Kempler Industries are organized to buy your surplus equipment. At Kempler, we will assess your used shears, offer a good price and take your used shears off your hands. It’s an easy and quick process which means you effortlessly recoup the latent value in your used shears. Kempler Industries relies on the purchase of surplus shears like yours, and we have a budget set aside for such purchases. That means you can turn your surplus shears into cash quickly, making more space in your plant for profitable endeavours. Kempler Industries also has 5 decades of experience in moving heavy equipment and can get your surplus shears out of your space with ease. It’s easy and can take place in the background while you continue to run your business.

Consign Your Surplus Sheet Metal Shears

Kempler Industries offers a consignment option for equipment owners who have a little bit more time to get a better price for their surplus shears. Consignment is when you sell your used shears through Kempler Industries as opposed to selling them directly to Kempler. As the owner of the used shears, you retain that ownership until the sale is has been completed. When you consign your surplus shears, you agree to split the profits with Kempler Industries or the consignor works on a mutually agreed-upon commission. So, for a small percentage of the consignment sale price, Kempler Industries will take the entire job off your hands, getting your used shears out in front of our accumulated list of customers that took fifty years to build. With our know-how and decades of experience, you’ll get the best price for your used shears.

Sell Your Surplus Shears

There are indeed many options for selling your used shears, but there are crystal clear advantages to selling your used equipment through an established and trusted used machinery dealer like Kempler Industries. Kempler takes care of everything on your behalf, which enables you to continue to focus on what really matters: your job. It saves time, ensures great prices for all of your surplus shears and puts the latent value of your dormant equipment back into your pocket.

Why Kempler?

Kempler Industries has over five decades of experience buying and selling used industrial machinery. Kempler is held in high regard nationwide for its experience, knowledge, customer care, honesty and integrity spanning over fifty years of doing business. Our marketing and customer base become your advantages when you choose to sell your used shears with Kempler Industries.

If you’re looking to unload an entire fabrication plant or just one machine, Kempler Industries will find you a buyer for your surplus machinery with ease. Kempler will let our established and growing network of buyers know about your surplus shears and use our expert marketing team to ensure the right buyer sees your used machinery. Kempler Industries uses innovative search engine optimization and strategic pay-per-click advertising techniques to attract new online customers to their website every day.

We can get our large buyer network and extensive marketing lists working for you. Kempler will work to sell your surplus shears at the highest possible price. We will handle every step throughout the entire sales process, so you can stay focused on what’s important to you, running your business.

Get Started Selling Your Used Shears

If you have used shears you need off your plant floor and out of your hair, don’t wait. Give Kempler Industries a call today and we’ll take it from there. Reach out to Kempler to get the ball rolling. Click here.

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