Terms and Conditions

Terms:  Payment in full before shipment.

GUARANTEE (Conforming to M.D.N.A. code of ethics.): Machines offered from our stock are guaranteed to be mechanically satisfactory or returnable in the same condition as shipped, freight prepaid, within 30 days from shipment for a complete refund. This does not apply to machines sold ‘As-Is’.

Conditions:  All quotations are for immediate acceptance. They are subject to withdrawal, change, and prior sale without notice. Shipping dates are only approximate and contingent upon delays beyond our control. Orders may be confirmed with a one-third deposit when shipment is not immediate (balance before shipment).  All orders received are binding only when they have been accepted and acknowledged by us in writing. Provisions in customer’s purchase orders contrary to these conditions shall not be binding upon us unless accepted in writing. Unless otherwise specified, prices quoted are F.O.B. shipping point, exclusive of state, county, and federal taxes which must be added where applicable. Care is taken to give reliable specifications but these are not guaranteed. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

Indemnification:  Used machines may not incorporate approved activating mechanisms, operator safety devices or safety guards as required by OSHA or otherwise. It is the user’s responsibility that the said machines be so equipped and safeguarded to meet OSHA and any other requirements before being placed into operation.

         User agrees to indemnify and hold seller harmless of and from any and all claims or liabilities from accidents involving these machines caused by failure of user, their employees, or agent to follow instructions, warnings, or recommendations furnished by manufacturer or seller, or by failure of user to comply with federal, state, and local laws applicable to such equipment including the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. User shall notify seller promptly after occurrence of any accident involving these machines and shall cooperate fully with seller or seller’s agent in investigating and determining the cause of said accident.