Appraisal Services

An appraisal from Kempler Industries is an accurate valuation of capital assets specializing in industrial machinery and equipment.

Experience spanning decades of buying and selling equipment makes Kempler thoroughly qualified to fulfill your appraisal needs. Kempler appraisals provide clients clear insight as to the value of capital assets whatever the situation.

Kempler can provide valuations for any appraisal requirement:

  • Bank/Loan Financing
  • Financial Institution Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Potential Acquisition of Equipment
  • Liquidation of Machinery and Equipment
  • Low Cost Desktop Opinion Appraisals

If you require appraisal services, please fill out the short form below or call us at 847-640-8600.

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Wherever equipment is located from coast to coast, Kempler Industries can accommodate you with prompt and precise appraisal service. Buying and selling tens of thousands of machines for our own account over many decades makes Kempler completely qualified to accurately valuate your equipment. Our staff of appraisers collectively has hundreds of years of experience in evaluating, buying, and selling machinery. Stocking, buying, and selling equipment gives Kempler’s appraisers the advantage of knowing the true market values and conditions. You can count on Kempler Industries for all of your appraisal needs. Contact Kempler today to speak to one of our appraisal specialists.

Appraisals can be provided based on several value criteria:

  • Fair Market Value – An assets value in the current market in a retail selling situation over a reasonable period of time (i.e. the replacement value). Both “in place” and “for removal” fair market values can be provided.
  • Auction Value – An assets value at public sale (under the hammer). Sale can be conducted online, live with onsite bidding, or a combination of both.
  • Orderly Liquidation Value – The amount of value either one machine or an entire plant of machines, will yield when negotiated piece by piece, over a reasonable period of time.