Where Can You Sell Die Cutting Presses?

Where Can You Sell Die Cutting Presses?

If you’re running a fabrication plant, you know that sometimes you end up with surplus equipment taking up space. Sometimes metal fabrication plants need to upgrade their equipment, relocate or close their doors which all require used equipment to be sold. What can a plant operator do with their surplus machinery? Where can you sell your used die cutting presses to make room for more machinery? No matter why you need to sell your surplus die cutting presses, you will need to know how to sell them. There is value in your used die cutting presses that can be great for your bottom line. Your surplus die cutting presses take up valuable space on your plant floor and they are worth something. You can maximize that latent value in your surplus die cutting presses and other fabrication equipment when you know how to sell them. This frees up cash to reinvest into more profitable equipment and endeavours. You can sell your used die cutting presses online with ease as well, but you’ll need to know how. With that in mind, Kempler Industries has put together this simple guide to selling used  die cutting presses for your reference so that your business can unload your surplus equipment with ease.

Before You Sell Surplus Die Cutting Presses

You’re likely here on this page because you already have surplus die cutting presses you want to sell and you’re trying to learn how to find a buyer. Let’s get started by looking a few helpful things to consider before you sell.

Die Cutting Press Maintenance

Before you set out to sell your die cutting press, sticking to a rigid maintenance routine will protect the value of your machine. Whether you have clicker presses, travel head presses or a beam press, it doesn’t matter. A good maintenance schedule will ensure your die cutting press retrieves the best possible price when you sell it.  To begin, always maintain the cleanliness of your presses. Run alignment tests in between workdays and make adjustments as required. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and make sure to keep debris away from the machine’s workspace. It should be routine to inspect all parts of the press and make repairs as they are required. Taking the time to maintain your investment ensures you retain its value.

Take Inventory of Your Surplus Die Cutting Presses

If you’ve got more than one machine that you would like to sell, it helps to take an inventory of all of the used die cutting presses you’re selling. Take note of the brand of each machine, whether you’re selling Samco die cutting presses, USM, Atom or Schwabe. It’s also good to note what type of die cutting press you’re selling. Do you have a clamshell? Maybe you have a two post press or a roller die? The condition of each machine is important to note as well while also collecting any manuals, accessories or parts associated with the machine. This will add value when you approach a buyer.

Research The Going Rate For Your Die Cutting Press

Learning more about the die cutting presses you’re selling is important so you can get an idea of the demand for them. In rare cases, your used die cutting press may be obsolete, so knowledge is key. Research like this can be a large task, especially if you’re selling numerous die cutting presses from different manufacturers. It’s a time-consuming job to learn the value of your die cutting presses and who may want to buy them. That’s why used die cutting press owners frequently choose to use an experienced used die cutting press dealer like Kempler Industries. With over five decades of experience selling used industrial equipment, Kempler Industries understands the business of unloading surplus die cutting presses. They already know the value in your machine so you don’t need to do the research, allowing you to carry on with what’s important: your business.

Carry Out Repairs On Your Used Die Cutting Presses

If you have access to in-house repair services, you should get any necessary repairs on your die cutting presses done so that you can increase the final sale price. It helps the selling process to have your used equipment in perfect working order. As such, even if you have to bring in an outside repair person to get your machine into good shape, it’s a good practice to so to ensure you find a buyer for your surplus die cutting press.

Who Buys Used Die Cutting Presses?

There are potential buyers of used die cutting presses in every city, but locating them can be difficult. You can choose to list your used die cutting presses yourself utilizing services like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and more but it’s much simpler and less time-consuming to sell your equipment to a trusted used die cutting press dealer. You get the benefit of their experience and knowledge when it comes to the value and pricing of your used die cutting presses, and you’ll also get your used machinery out in front of their vast customer list. The longer the used equipment dealer has been in business, the bigger their buyer base is going to be, which means you’ll have better success selling your surplus die cutting presses.

How to sell used Die Cutting Presses

There are a few choices you can make when it comes to deciding how to sell your surplus die cutting presses. First, you can sell them on your own, which means getting your die cutting presses in tip top shape, snapping photographs of your machines, listing your die cutting presses for sale, fielding calls and questions and transporting the machinery yourself. This is a lot of time-consuming work for someone with a full-time job, so let’s check out the alternatives. They include auction, liquidation and consignment.

Auction Your Surplus Die Cutting Presses

Often the most suitable option for those unloading multiple die cutting presses at once, auctions enable the seller to put a time limit on the sale and ensures the best price within that time frame. This is a perfect choice for businesses that need to unload their used die cutting press inventory fast. Most used die cutting press auctions are held online which means it’s easy for you to sell off your used equipment. Experienced and knowledgeable used die cutting press dealers can set up and run your auction for you, and that means not only do you get to focus on your business, but you also get to put your surplus die cutting presses out in front of the dealer’s accumulated list of customers. You get the benefit of their extensive experience and networking, ensuring your die cutting press auction is a success. You’ll be able to recover the latent value of your surplus die cutting presses while focusing on your job. At Kempler Industries, we’ve been auctioning surplus die cutting presses for decades, building a vast network of potential buyers for your used machinery. Get your auction started now by contacting Kempler Industries.

Liquidate Your Used Die Cutting Presses

Used die cutting press dealers like Kempler Industries are specifically set up to buy your surplus die cutting presses. At Kempler, we will take a look at your used clicker presses, beam presses and clamshells, offer you a fair price and take the used machine out of your hair. The process is easy and painless so you’ll effortlessly recover the latent value in your surplus die cutting presses. Kempler Industries runs on the purchase of surplus die cutting presses like yours, which means we can pay for your machinery quickly. Our budget includes money earmarked for the buying and selling of used die cutting presses. So, you get to turn your surplus machinery into cash fast, freeing up space for more profitable endeavors. What’s more, Kempler Industries has fifty years of experience moving heavy equipment and can get your surplus die cutting presses out of your plant quickly. It’s simple, and can easily take place in the background while you continue to run your business.

Consign Your Surplus Die Cutting Presses

Kempler Industries offers an easy consignment option for sellers who may more time to get a better price for their used die cutting presses. Consignment is the process of selling your surplus die cutting presses through Kempler Industries as opposed to selling it directly to Kempler. As the owner of the equipment, you will retain your ownership of the machinery until the sale is completed. When you consign your used die cutting presses, the consignor and consignee agree to a split of the profits from the sale of each machine. Otherwise, the consignor works on a mutually agreed-upon commission. That means, for a small portion of the final sale price, Kempler Industries will handle everything for you. We’ll put your used die cutting presses out in front of our vast network of buyers that took decades to build. With our expertise and immense experience, you’ll get the best price possible for your used die cutting presses.

Sell Your Surplus Die Cutting Presses

While there are several options when it comes to offloading your used die cutting presses, there are clear benefits to working with a trusted used equipment dealer like Kempler Industries. Kempler will handle everything for you, which means you can continue to focus on what really matters to you: your business. It’s an easy time-saver, it ensures great purchase prices for all of your surplus die cutting presses and puts the value of your used equipment back into your pocket.

Why Kempler?

Kempler Industries has over fifty years of experience buying and selling used fabrication equipment like die cutting presses. Kempler has earned a great deal of respect in their industry for their know-how, knowledge, customer care, honesty and integrity spanning over five decades. Our marketing and customer base become your advantages when you choose to sell your surplus die cutting presses with Kempler Industries. 

So, if you’re looking to sell an entire factory or a single die cutting press, Kempler Industries will easily connect you with a buyer for your surplus machinery. Kempler will notify our established and growing network of buyers that your surplus die cutting press is for sale and make use of our top-notch marketing team to ensure the right buyer sees your equipment. Kempler Industries uses the latest search engine optimization and strategic pay-per click advertising techniques to attract new online website traffic every day.

Let us put our large buyer network and extensive marketing lists to work for you. Kempler will work to sell your surplus die cutting presses at the highest possible price. We are equipped to handle every step throughout the sales process, so you can stay focused on what’s important to you, running your business.

Get Started Selling Your Used Die Cutting Press

If you have used die cutting presses you need off your plant floor and out of your hair, don’t wait. Give Kempler Industries a call today and we’ll take it from there. Contact the friendly staff at Kempler to get the ball rolling. Click here.


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