Fabrication Equipment

Kempler Industries has been selling fabrication and manufacturing equipment like coil equipment, pumps, straighteners and lathes for over five decades. We are now in our third generation and currently, Kempler’s staff has over 200 combined years of experience buying and selling used fabrication equipment.

Metalworking Equipment

Whether you need to liquidate a single press or an entire plant of metalworking equipment, we will help you convert your surplus metal metalworking machinery into cash quickly and efficiently. 

How To Sell Your Surplus Machinery with Kempler

How To Sell Your Surplus Machinery with Kempler Industries

With Kempler Industries, there are a variety of ways to liquidate your surplus machinery. Let’s take a closer look at three ways to sell your used equipment and find out which is right for you and your business.

How to Auction Your Surplus Machinery

Auctions provide a liquidation solution for businesses with multiple used machines to unload. Whether you’re closing up shop or moving to a new location, auctioning off all your used equipment will save you time and hassle.

How to Consign your Surplus Equipment

If you’re looking to consign your used machinery, Kempler Industries has the consignment solution for you. Consigning your surplus machinery with Kempler lets you tap into that expertise while we do all the work!

Guide to Buying a Used Press Brake

Guide to Buying a Used Press Brake

Buying previously owned fabrication equipment is a great way to save money when outfitting your manufacturing business. Like anything else, though, buying a used machine is not without it’s risks. This guide will help you choose the right used press brake, ensuring it’s in good working order and comes with everything you need to operate it.

Where Can You Sell Used Industrial Equipment?

Manufacturers and fabrication plants routinely upgrade equipment. Sometimes a company needs to change locations or even close up shop for good. Whatever your reason for selling used industrial equipment, it helps to know how to do it. Asset recovery is an important part of running a business and affects your bottom line.

Where Can You Sell Used Press Brakes?

Where can you unload your used press brakes to make room for new machines? Whatever your reason for selling press brakes, it helps to know how to do it. Asset recovery can have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Where Can You Sell Hydraulic Presses?

There are multiple reasons why a plant operator might need to sell hydraulic presses. Relocation, upgraded equipment and closed doors are just some of these reasons. So, what does a business owner do with their used machinery when they need to free up the space and recoup the value? Where can they sell their surplus hydraulic presses to make room for new machines?

Where Can You Sell Die Cutting Presses?

Where can you sell your used die cutting presses to make room for more machinery? No matter why you need to sell your surplus die cutting presses, you will need to know how to sell them. There is value in your used die cutting presses that can be great for your bottom line.

Where Can You Sell Bending Rolls?

Where can you unload your used bending rolls to make room for new equipment? No matter what your reason is for selling surplus bending rolls, it helps to know how to sell them. Recovering the latent value on your used bending rolls can have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Where Can You Sell Used Sheet Metal Shears?

There are indeed many options for selling your used shears, but there are crystal clear advantages to selling your used equipment through an established and trusted used machinery dealer like Kempler Industries. Kempler takes care of everything on your behalf, which enables you to continue to focus on what really matters: your job.

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