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A boring mill is an industrial machining tool use to create or enlarge the diameter of a pre-drilled or cast hole in wood, metal, plastics, or other materials. Similar to a lathe, which is used primarily for exterior shaping via turning (though it can be used for boring in relatively small projects), the boring mill is dedicated to interior shaping and excels with large and/or repetitive projects.

Machinery for boring has come a long way since the first machine was developed nearly 250 years ago. Heavy duty boring mills make it possible to work with larger materials than would be possible (or practical) with a lathe.

General Features of Boring Mills

  • Heavy duty industrial cutting capability, often with steel or carbide cutting tools
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Straight or tapered cutting
  • Capable of full-length bores on stock several meters/yards long (depending on the specifications of the particular mill)
  • Bore diameters up to several inches
  • Computer control options (CNC)
  • Horizontal or vertical orientations, with a variety of bore angles
  • Floor or table-top configurations
  • Actual specifications vary by model