Used Hydraulic Brake for Sale

Kempler has a large assortment of used hydraulic press brakes.  Browse our current inventory of used conventional hydraulic brakes, hydra-mechanical press brakes, and cnc hydraulic press brakes displayed below in ascending capacities by tonnage.

Current Inventory

Used 4’ x 14 ga. DiAcro #14-48 Hydra-Mechanical Brake, #28933
Used 4 Ft. X 14 Ga. DiAcro 14-48-1 Hydra-Mechanical Press Brake
35 Ton DiAcro #1472, 72" OA, 62" BH, #28898
Used 6 Ft. X 14 Ga. DiAcro #14-72 Hydra-Mechanical Press Brake
45 Ton Allsteel #45-8, 8’ OA, 78” BH, #29081
Used 8 Ft. X 14 Ga. Allsteel 45-8 Hydraulic Brake
50 Ton Betenbender #10-50, 10' OA, 102" BH, #28989
Used 10 Ft. X 14 Ga. Betenbender Hydraulic Brake
70 Ton Adira QHD-6020, 80" OA, 61" BH, 2-axis Cybelec CNC, new 2005, #28056
Used 6'6" X 10 Ga. Adira CNC Brake
75 Ton Pacific J75-8, 8’ OA, 6’6” BH, 2 Axis Automec CNC, #28822
Used 8 Ft. X 10 Ga. Pacific J75 CNC Brake
90 Ton Pacific J90-8, 8’ OA, 6’6” BH, 3 Axis Hurco Autobend 7 CNC, #29079
Used 8 Ft. X 10 Ga. Pacific J90-8 CNC Brake
100 Ton Wysong THS100-96, 8’ OA, 78” BH, #29080
Used 8 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #THS100-96 Hydraulic Brake
175 Ton Pacific J175-12, #28803
Used 12 Ft. X 3/16" Pacific J175 Press Brake
175 Ton Wysong 175-12, 14’ OA, 12’6” BH, #28783
Used 14 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #175-12 Hydraulic Press Brake
130 Ton Pacific #J135-12, 12’ OA, 10’6” BH, #29006
Used 10 Ft. X 3/16" Pacific #J135-12 Hydraulic Brake
600 Ton Pacific K600-33, 33' OA, hyd. system upgraded 2001, #B1012
Used 33 Ft. Pacific #K600-33 Hydraulic Brake


Kempler buys used hydraulic press brakes.
Do you have surplus hydraulic press brakes?  Sell it to Kempler and turn your idle equipment into cash.  We buy single machines or entire plants.  Let us make the process of selling your surplus hydraulic press brake fast and easy.  Contact our buying department today.

Conventional Used Hydraulic Press Brakes
The most common hydraulic press brakes conventionally have two cylinders mounted on the side housings in the front of the machine.  The cylinders are fastened to the ram, allowing the male and female die to mate under pressure, forming predetermined bends.

Used Hydra-Mechanical Press Brakes
Hydra-Mechanical Press Brakes (sometimes called Hydro-Mechanical) offer the advantages of both mechanical press brakes and hydraulic press brakes.  A hydra-mechanical press brake consists of a hydraulic cylinder (or cylinders) which supplies power to the ram.  The ram is guided by a mechanical linkage system.  The hydraulic aspect affords adjustable stroke, adjustable pressure, and adjustable speed.  The mechanical linkage provides full tonnage for off center work as well as ram and bed parallelism.  This combination of features can only be achieved with the hybrid design of a hydra-mechanical press brake.

USED CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes
Hydraulic press brakes can be outfitted with CNC gauging to increase productivity.  CNC Press Brakes are offered as either conventional hydraulic press brakes or hydra-mechanical press brakes.

Kempler is proud to carry hydraulic press brakes from various manufacturers such as Cincinnati, Pacific, Accurpress, Diacro, Amada, HTC, Allsteel, Guifil, and others.

For over 50 years, Kempler Industries has been selling used hydraulic press brakes.  In that time, Kempler has built one of the best reputations in the used machinery industry.  Our current staff has over 200 years-experience in selling used hydraulic press brakes.