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A lapping machine (“lapper”) is ideal for your precision surface grinding and polishing work. Depending the materials in use, the lapping process can grind material or debris from two surfaces, or be used to polish a single softer surface (with the other harder surface and abrasive pastes used together as the smoothing tool). Lappers can also be used with extreme precision, producing finished products polished and flattened to very tight tolerances.

A type of high speed precision lapping is called flat honing, which is not to be confused with standard honing (a low-speed and usually cylindrical machining process).

In addition to a careful selection of metal materials to achieve the desired grind or polish, lapping involves abrasive solutions, which can include a variety of oils (like mineral oil) or slurries and pastes (like aluminum oxide, ferric oxide—“jeweller’s rouge, diamond paste, and more).

General Features of Lappers

  • Used for precise grinding (low speed) and polishing (high speed)
  • Used to obtain specific surface flatness and roughness for the desired application
  • Appropriate for metal, glass, ceramics, and some plastics/composites
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Single or double side
  • Computer control options (CNC)
  • Floor or table-top/bench configurations
  • Actual specifications vary by model

Select from our inventory of pre-owned lappers.

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