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Milling machines remove excess material from various types of stock. Rotary cutters mill metal, wood, or other workpiece materials by cutting around their circumference of the stock. In the case of boring mills, material is removed from the interior of the stock. Mills are available in manual and automated (often CNC) versions.

Depending on the orientation of the cutting tool, mills are designated as either vertical or horizontal. Horizontal mills tend to be large and are used for milling heavy and/or long stock. A variation on the horizontal mill is the universal mill, which includes a rotary table that can be adjusted to any angle. Vertical mills are often used with small stock pieces and can be found in tabletop formats.

General Features of Mills

  • Heavy duty industrial cutting capability
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Mill grooves, slots, flat surfaces, or bore to finish interior surfaces
  • Universal models can cut bevels, radii, and rotary cuts like gears
  • Computer control options (CNC)
  • Actual specifications vary by model

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