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Alloyd #4S-1216, 4 station, 10-20 indexes per minute, 14" x 18" max. card, 12" x 16" max. blister, #28835
Used Alloyd Model 4S-1216 Four Station Rotary Blister Sealer


The industries served with industrial packaging machines vary widely. Almost every industry uses packaging. Below is a list of industries that most commonly use packaging machines.

  • Automotive
  • Food Service
  • Hardware
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Baking
  • Pet Food Industry
  • Beverage
  • Medical Supply
  • Chemical
  • Supplement
  • Beer
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Personal Care
  • Grocery

Machine Types

There are a wide variety of packing machines available for pretty much any task that you want to be automated. Below is a list of some of the most common ones.

Thermoforming machines- Thermoforming machines use heat to form plastic into a set shapes based on installed dies. Thermoforms are mostly used to make storage containers or trays for food. Thermoformed packaging is also used in the medical industry for things such as IV kits and home medical supplies.

Carton forming machine- A carton forming machine takes precut cardboard or waxed cardboard and forms it into either a box or a carton depending on the shape of the finished product. Some of these machines may also utilize glue when folding is not enough to keep a carton together.

Blister Packing Machine- a blister pack is pre-formed plastic packaging used for foods, pharmaceuticals, and other small goods. You have most likely seen one of these blister packs for medicine. In this industry, blister packs are often used for pills where each individual pill lies in a recessed plastic area and is backed with foil.

Horizontal form fill seal- A horizontal form fill seal machine envelopes a product in plastic creating a bag around it. After this bag is created, the ends of the bag are sealed. The most common product sealed this way is the bed pillow.

Thermal Shrink-wrapping- A thermal shrink wrapping machine will used heat to form a layer of plastic around your product. This layer does not stick to the product but wraps around it. Thermal shrink-wrapping is often seen in packages of water bottles and other cases of beverages.

Pallet wrapping machines- Pallet wrapping machines will weigh a pallet and wrap the contents in plastic. This wrapping ensures that products do not fall off during transport and reduces the risk of injury.

Important considerations when buying a packaging machine

  1. Will you need custom dies for your machine?
  2. Will you need a machine that can utilize glue for carton forming?
  3. Is the machine big enough to wrap your product?