Used Hydraulic Press for Sale

Select from one of the world's largest inventories of pre-owned hydraulic presses.

  • Upstroke Type: 4-Post Presses, C Frame Presses, Housing Type Presses, H Frame Presses and more.
  • Downstroke Type: Lainating and Heated Platen Presses, Molding Presses, Transfer Molding Presses, Lab Presses and more.
  • Manufacturers: Dake, Denison, Wabash, PHI, Greenerd, Pacific, Williams & White and others.

Sell Your Used Hydraulic Presses

At Kempler, we're looking to buy your surplus Hydraulic Press equipment. Sell used machinery to us and get cash for your used hydraulic presses.



Hundreds of Hydraulic Presses in Stock

Kempler Industries Hydraulic Press & Used Machinery offers an extensive inventory of used hydraulic presses. With hundreds of hydraulic presses in stock, we are specialists in our field. Our knowledgeable sales staff, professional mechanics, hydraulic and electrical specialists have the training to ensure your satisfaction from inquiry through delivery. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


We are also looking to buy your hydraulic press equipment. If you want cash for your used hydraulic press, sell your machinery to Kempler.

Search our complete online inventory of machinery for all types of hydraulic presses including:

  • Hydraulic 4 Post Press
  • Hydraulic Housing Type Press
  • Hydraulic Gap Frame Press
  • Hydraulic C Frame Press
  • Hydraulic Compression Molding Press
  • Hydraulic Laminating Press
  • Hydraulic Transfer Molding
  • Hydraulic Trim Press
  • Hydraulic Die Cutting (Clicker Press)
  • Hydraulic Straightening Press
  • Hydraulic Double Action Press
  • Hydraulic Tryout Press
  • Hydraulic H Frame Press
  • Hydraulic Wheel Press


About Us

Kempler Industries Hydraulic Press and Used Machinery represent over a century of experience in buying, selling and evaluating machinery and complete plants. We pride ourselves on providing high quality used hydraulic presses to industries in America and throughout the world. From generation to generation of family ownership, Kempler Industries Hydraulic Press and Used Machinery has the experience and business integrity that you can rely on.