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12 stand Dahlstrom #300-14, 1.25" shaft, 10" roll space, #29294
Used 12 Stand Dahlstrom Model #300-14 Roll Former
14 Stand Lockformer Standing "S" Cleat Former, 22 ga. capacity, 1-1/8" shaft, #27454
Used 22 Ga. Standing "S" Lockformer Cleat Former

To shape a flat metal sheet into a desired cross section, a roll forming (or rollforming) machine is employed. As a continuous sheet is fed through the rollformer, the edges are bent progressively, yet incrementally, to achieve a final profile that will hold its shape and not distort. Rollformers are the ideal choice for repeatable bending of long sheets that will either be the finished product, or will be cut down for individual identical parts.

While rollforming is one of the most basic manufacturing processes, the profile capabilities are extensive. Even enclosed and intricate shapes are possible with the right machinery as long as only a cross-section profile is involved. Computer modeling and control add to the capabilities of rollformers.

General Features of Rollforming Machines

  • Heavy duty industrial forming capability
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Handles coiled sheet metal up to 20” wide
  • Broad profile capabilities, up to 4-6” depth
  • Punching and cutting are optional inline capabilities
  • Computer profile modeling and control options
  • Actual specifications vary by model

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