Used Rolls for Sale

Kempler Industries stocks various types of used bending rolls primarily used for forming and bending metal sheet and plate.   On this page you will find the four categories of used metal bending rolls that Kempler regularly inventories.

Rolls: Current Inventory


Plate Bending Rolls and Slip Rolls

The most common used bending roll in Kempler’s inventory is the conventional Plate Bending Roll and Slip Roll which is available in different configurations such as 3-Roll and 4-Roll.  There are sub-classifications as well, for example, initial type bending rolls are quite different than pyramid type bending rolls.  Bending rolls are powered hydraulically, mechanically, or they can even be manually driven.

Angle Bending Rolls

Angle Bending Rolls are most frequently used for bending angle iron.  They are also commonly used for bending other structural metal such as rod (round and square), beams, flats, pipe, and many other materials.  Angle bending rolls, like conventional plate bending rolls, can be driven either mechanically or hydraulically.

Urethane Rolls

Urethane Rolls are 2-roll bending machines, unlike traditional plate bending rolls that use a 3-roll or 4-roll design.  Urethane rolls accurately bend plate and sheet metal into arcs in one pass.  One pass bending results in increased productivity.  Urethane rolls are designed to bend without marring or scratching the surface of the material.  They are ideal for bending prefinished surfaces such as, stainless steel, aluminum, and pre-painted product.  Bending is accomplished by putting pressure between the two rolls.  The top steel roll acts as a rotary male die pushing into the urethane covered bottom roll which acts like a female die. 

Offset Rolls

Kempler also stocks used Offset Rolls.  Offset rolls are used for the forming of tank ends and cylindrical shells.  The machine produces a tapered offset over which the shell or tank can be fitted and connected.  These machines can be equipped with a carriage for holding the shell and even a turntable if work is required on both ends.

Do you have any used bending rolls that you are no longer using?

Sell your surplus rolling machines to Kempler and convert your idle equipment into cash.

Kempler sells used rolls from a variety of manufacturers including Webb, DiAcro, Bertsch, Davi, Lown, Steco, Wysong, Niagara, Lisse, Hendley & Whittemore, Haeusler, Acrotech, Faccin, and Kaufmann


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