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The big brother to the woodworking shop staple, the CNC router—using computer numerical control—is employed in the manufacturing and milling of many material types, including wood, metal, and stone. Unlike the handheld version, CNC routers (from small DIY shop to industrial size) feature a stationary work surface and a moving rotary tool used to saw, bore, and cut profiles and mortise/tenon pairs. It can even be used to trim excess from formed plastics.

As an automated tool similar to a CNC mill, the CNC router makes quick work of producing repeatable and consistent products. Intricate paths can be planned for the router to navigate stock to reduce waste and make the most of the available material.

General Features of CNC Routers

  • High precision and repeatability
  • Available for a variety of materials
  • Computer control (CNC)
  • Actual specifications vary by model

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