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Power Metal Shears

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Current Inventory

14 ga. x 6’ Famco #E12234, #29216
Used 6 Ft. X 14 Ga. Famco Metal Shear
12 ga. x 4’ Pexto #12-U-4-F, 24" back gauge, extra set of blades, #29086
Used Pexto Metal Power Squaring Shear
11 ga. x 4’ Amada #1232, 28” FOPBG, 6’ squaring arm, #28833
Used Amada 1232 Hydraulic Shear
11 ga. x 4’ Amada #S-1232, 27.5” FOPBG, #28975
Used Amada S-1232 Hydraulic Metal Shear
10 ga. x 6' Cincinnati #1006-R, 36" FOPBG, 4' squaring arm, #29247
Used 6 Ft. X 10 Ga. Cincinnati #1006-R Metal Shear
10 ga. x 10’ Wysong 1010-RD, 24" FOPBG, 10' squaring arm, #29261
Used 10 Ft. X 10 Ga. Wysong #1010-RD Metal Shear
10 ga. x 12' Cincinnati #1012, 24" FOPBG, 2 support arms, #29281
Used 12 Ft. X 10 Ga. Cincinnati #1012 Metal Shear
10 ga. x 12' Betenbender #12-125, 36" FOPBG, 55" squaring arm, #29250
Used 12 Ft. X 10 Ga. Betenbender Hydraulic Shear
3/16" x 12’ Cincinnati #1412, 42” FOPBG, 6’ squaring arm, #29147
Used 12' Cincinnati 1412 Shear
1/4" x 4’ Amada # M-1260, 40” programmable back gauge, #29131
Used 4 ft. Amada M-1260 Shear
1/4" x 6' HTC 250-6A, 36" FOPBG, #29297
Used 6 Ft. X 1/4" HTC #250-6A Hydraulic Shear
1/4" x 10' Amada M-3060, 42" FOPBG, 7'6" sq. arm, 2 support arms, #29204
Used 10 Ft. X 1/4" Amada Metal Shear
1/4” x 10’ Primeline #3100X6, 32” programmable back gauge, 9’9” squaring arm, #29199
Used 10 Ft. X 1/4" Primeline #3100x6 Hydraulic Shear
1/4” x 10’ Atlantic HDE10x1/4, 40” programmable back gauge, 10’ squaring arm, #29101
Used Atlantic HDE Hydraulic Shear
1/4" x 12' Accurshear #625012, 36" programmable back gauge, 5'8" squaring arm, #29336
Used 12 Ft. X 1/4" Accurshear #625012 Hydraulic Shear
1/4" x 12’ Cincinnati #1812, 36” FOPBG, 9’ squaring arm, #29163
Used 12 Ft. X 1/4" Cincinnati #1812 Metal Shear
1/2" x 8' Allsteel #1/2-8, 10' squaring arm, stock support arm, 36" FOPBG, Met-fab conveyors & stackers, #29320
Used 8 Ft. X 1/2" Allsteel Model #1/2-8 Hydraulic Shear

Kempler sells previously owned power metal shears


Power metal shears can be found in many fabrication plants. If your business is in the market for a previously owned power metal shear, you’ve come to the right place. Located in Chicago, Illinois, family-owned Kempler Industries has been selling fabrication and manufacturing equipment like hydraulic power metal shears and mechanical power metal shears for over five decades. We are now in our third generation and currently, Kempler’s staff has over 200 combined years of experience buying and selling used fabrication equipment like power metal shears.


If you’re in the market for a pneumatic power metal shear that’s new to you, browse the used power metal shear listings below. If you can’t find the hydraulic power metal shear you need, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff so they can help you. Or, check back daily, as this page is updated every day with our most recently acquired power metal shears.


If you want to know more about a power metal shear you see listed on this page, our technicians can tell you exactly what you need to know and answer any specific questions you might have about a previously owned power metal shear.


Ready to buy a used power metal shear from Kempler? Our warehouse is equipped with heavy overhead cranes and we will load any previously owned power metal shears you purchase from us on a truck at no charge.


Used power metal shears from our inventory are guaranteed to be mechanically sound and are backed by our 30-day return privilege for a complete refund. Contact our sales team for details. 

Kempler will buy your surplus power metal shears


Kempler Industries is always looking for previously owned power metal shears to purchase for inventory.  Do you want to sell your power metal shear? How about any other metal shear? If it’s a metal shear, chances are Kempler Industries will buy it. We can help auction, consign or liquidate your surplus power metal shears so you can focus on what’s important to you.


Kempler is a family-owned business that has been buying and selling used industrial equipment since 1962. Over 50 years in the industry and three generations of experience make Kempler uniquely qualified to be your trusted partner in the liquidation of your power metal shear surplus.


Whether you need to liquidate a single power metal shear or an entire plant of fabrication equipment, we will help you convert your surplus metal fabrication machinery into cash quickly and efficiently.  Sell used machinery to us and get cash for your used power metal shears. Choose to consign, auction or liquidate your used power metal shears. Our team is ready to help you sell your used power metal shears! Please fill out this quick contact form or call us at 847-640-8600.


Kempler is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), a trade association dedicated to the promotion of used machinery dealers, assuring buyers of the integrity and reliability of its members worldwide.


Ask around; Kempler Industries has one of the best reputations in the used machinery industry. Amongst used metal shear dealers nationwide, Kempler is highly regarded for their experience, knowledge, honesty and integrity spanning the decades.

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