Used Thread Roller for Sale

Thread Rollers are industrial machines that utilize force and rotation to shape metal. Typically, thread rollers utilize two rotating dies to form metal into a shape that conforms to the dies. The machine works under extreme forces up to or exceeding 340,000 pounds (170 tons). Because this machine utilizes a cold forming (room temperature) process, the resulting threads will be stronger than cut or pre-formed threads.  It is important to use a lubricating fluid when using a thread roller so that the machine will not catch on the metal but quickly and evenly roll it.

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Due to the rolling process, an important consideration for thread forming is that the finished threads will usually not be flush with the rest of the metal if the metal bar was a uniform diameter. The amount the diameter will expand is found by multiplying the depth of the die by 2 and adding it to the starting diameter. Knowing this, if you want the threads to be flush with the rest of the metal bar, you will have to use a bar that has an appropriately smaller diameter compared to the rest of the rod.

Thread Rollers are used for to produce the following:

  • Thread Forming
  • Knurl and Serration Rolling
  • Thru feed Part Forming
  • Spline and Involute Spline Forming
  • Spiral or Annular Corrugation Forming
  • Roll Straightening and Finishing


 Some applications for Thread rollers include:

  • Power Tool Motor Shafts
  • Aerospace Components
  • Projectile Components
  • Electric Motor Shafts
  • Tool Handles
  • Starter Shafts
  • Automotive Shafts
  • Steering Components
  • Bolts
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Medical Devices
  • Exercise Equipment