Kempler is a Geka Ironworker Dealer

Geka Ironworkers

Kempler buys and sells used Geka Ironworkers. We also have new Geka Ironworkers for sale including the popular Geka Hydracrop.  Kempler has purchased and sold many dozens of used Geka Hydraulic Ironworkers over the years.  It is with great pleasure that we can now offer brand new Geka Ironworkers to our customers as well.

Please scroll to find all of the new and used Geka Ironworkers that Kempler currently has to offer.  You will find new and used Geka Hydracrop and Geka Bendicrop models that are dual cylinder construction machines as well as single cylinder Gekas.  Let us know if you have any questions about sales, parts or service for your Geka Ironworker.

If you have a surplus Geka ironwoker for sale, or are interested in a trade-in of your Geka ironworker, please contact our buying department.

Geka Machines For Sale
Used 55 Ton Geka Hydraulic Ironworker
4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3/8" Geka Hydracrop 50/A, 3/8" notcher, #28410
Used 55 Ton Geka 55/A Hydraulic Ironworker
4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3/8" Geka Hydracrop 55/A, new 2003, #28111
4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3/8" Geka H-50, 55 tons, #27824
Geka 55 SD Hydracrop Ironworker
BRAND NEW Geka 55SD Hydracrop Ironworker, 60 Ton Punch, 12" x 5/8" flats, 4" x 4" x 1/2" angles, 20" Throat Depth
Geka 55 S Hydracrop Ironworker
BRAND NEW Geka 55S Hydracrop Ironworker, 60 Ton Punch, 12" x 5/8" flats, 4" x 4" x 1/2" angles, 10" Throat Depth
Used 60 Ton Geka Hydraulic Ironworker
4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3/8" Geka #55A Hydracrop, notcher, 12' x 5/8" flat shear, #27910
Used 110 Ton Geka HYD110 Hydraulic Ironworker
6” x 6” x ½” Geka HYD100, 2” bar, 24” x 5/8” flats, New 2006, #28509

About Geka Ironworkers

For over 100 years, Geka has been manufacturing Ironworkers. Geka is a world leader in Hydraulic Ironworker design and technology building its reputation with their quality and craftsmanship. The current lineup of Geka Hydraulic Ironworkers are offered in single cylinder and dual cylinder models.

Two-cylinder Ironworkers

Geka two-cylinder Ironworkers allow for 2 operators to work at different stations simultaneously.  Two-Cylinder Models:

  • Hydracrop Series
  • Bendicrop Series

Geka Hydracrop Ironworkers

The hydracrop Series are hydraulic ironworkers offer the greatest capacity that Geka has to offer. All Geka Hydracrop Ironworkers come standard with 5 stations for Flat Bar Shearing, Angle Cutting, Solid Bar Shears (round and square), Punching, and Notching, Hydracrop Ironworkers also come standard with a starter set of punching dies.

Hydracrop Series Models:

  • Hydracrop 55/110
  • Hydracrop 80/150
  • Hydracrop 110/180
  • HydracropHydracrop 165/300
  • Hydracrop 220/300
    (the are 2 versions on each model: S and SD)

Geka Bendicrop Ironworkers

The Bendicrop Ironworkers have the same work stations as the Geka Hydracrop machines, but these machines also have a permanent bending station. In addition to a Bending Station, Bendircrop also come standard with the following stations: Flat Bar shear, Angle Shear, Solid Bar Cutter, Nothcher and Punching Station.

Bendicrop Series Models:

  • Bendicrop 85
  • Bendicrop 60


Single-Cylinder Ironworkers

  • Minicrop
  • Microcrop
  • Multicrop4

Geka's single-cylinder Ironworkers are their smallest machines yet they continue to have versatility. They come standard with 4 workstations for punching, notching, cutting angle iron and cutting flat stock. The Geka single-cylinder ironworkers are knowing for cutting metal with minimal deformation and can cut angles at 45 degrees.