RMT Pneumatic Toggle Presses

RMT Pneumatic Toggle Presses

Kempler Industries is the North American Distributor for RMT Pneumatic Toggle Presses.  RMT Air Presses were originally sold in America and Canada by Foremost Machinery Corporation in Northbrook, IL.  RMT Toggle Presses are now produced in Great Britain by The MJ Allen Group of Companies. After closing Foremost Machinery in 2016, MJ Allen has transferred all sales of RMT Pnematic Presses to Kempler Industries.  For more information on RMT Pneumatic Presses, please view the catalog to the right and feel free to view our entire inventory of New RMT Air Presses below: 


RMT Air Press Catalog

Inquiries regarding PART SALES for RMT Toggle Presses are to be directed to the MJ Allen head office in the United Kingdom.
MJ Allen Castings & Machining Ltd. - Hilton Road, Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate - Ashford, Kent, TN23 1EW
Contact: Michelle Sinclair
Telephone Number: 011 44 1233 616584
email: michelle.sinclair@mjallen.co.uk

RMT Machines For Sale
Used 6 Ton RMT Pneumatic Toggle Press
6 Ton RMT #6VSG/A1633, 1.5" str., 8" SH, 13.5" x 8.5" bed, #29273

RMT Toggle Presses are air operated. The economical pneumatic operation uses double acting "air saver" cylinders to produce very fast, yet dependable operation. Being completely pneumatic, RMT Toggle Presses do not require a lot of maintenance. There is no air clutch and brake to service and no motor to maintain. RMT Air Presses are simple, clean, quiet and they provide a great low cost operation.

RMT Air Presses are constructed with a rugged cast iron frame and have a toggle arm design. The powerful toggle action produces the maximum tonnage of the press at the bottom of the stroke similar to a flywheel press. The presses have a ram that is guided by vee gibs. The stroke on all RMT Air Presses can be infinitely adjusted from 0” up to the maximum stoke of the machine (which differs between the different models).

All RMT Air Toggle Presses are equipped with guard actuated ram cycle. The operator simply lowers the guard to activate the press and advance the ram. When closed, the die space is completely surrounded by the guard and the ram goes back up when the guard is lifted.

RMT Presses are available in 10 sizes ranging from 3 to 24 tons. Currently there are for body types available. The A Series RMT 3A Press and the B Series RMT 5B and RMT 7B Press are the smaller presses. The C Type RMT 6C, 8C, 10C, and 12C Presses are the middle sized presses. The larger machines are the D series and there is a model 18D, 20D and 24D RMT Toggle Press.

With speeds up to 240 SPM, the presses are perfect for production. Speeds can also be dialed down to allow for lower volume work by simply adjusting the rate of exhausting air. Maximum tonnage is achieved when the actuation lever rotates into the pilot valve. Next the main valve is shifted and the cylinder stokes as the toggle link straightens. Once the ram is fully extended to the bottom of the stroke the press achieves full tonnage.

RMT Air Toggle presses can be used for many different press applications. RMT Presses are perfect for punching and blanking applications. RMT presses can be used as Die Cutting Presses. Coining, swaging…. you name it. RMT Presses are one of the most versatile pneumatic presses on the market today.

Kempler Industries is thrilled to be collaborating with MJ Allen on the sale of all the machinery lines that were formerly being sold at Foremost Machinery. Please visit our Hunton Page to view our full line of Hunton Punch and Die Grinders. Please also visit our Foremost Bantam page to view the full line of Foremost Bantam Press Brakes.