Used Shears for Sale

Select from one of the country’s most diverse inventories of pre-owned shears.


Kempler Industries buys and sells all types used shearing machines for the metalworking industry.

Power Metal Shears:

Used for cutting sheet metal and steel plate.  Just as a scissors cuts paper, power squaring shears in much the same way cut metal.  Power shears cut metal in lengths that are typically as short as one foot or as long as twenty feet (or more).  Thicknesses of the metal can range from extremely light gauge material to plate up to one inch or more.  Power metal shears can be driven mechanically or hydraulically. has a page which solely lists the hydraulic shears, as well as a general power metal shear page which conveniently lists all of Kempler’s used power shears.

Foot Shear:

Cuts metal using the same basic method as a power metal shear, however, it is manually powered and operated.  They are simple and inexpensive machines.

Circle Shears:

Frequently referred to as ring and circle shears or rotary shears.  These machines cut metal blanks into circles or rings of various diameters and thicknesses.  Circle shears are commonly used for cutting the ends of tanks (for example: water heaters).

Alligator Shears:

Most typically used in the scrap industry for cutting irregular and jagged metal of varying thicknesses (i.e. scrap metal).  They get their name from their functional design which is reminiscent of alligator jaws opening and closing.

Kempler also sells Angle Shears and Bar Shears.

Do you have a surplus shear that you are not using? 

Kempler Industries is always looking for quality machinery.  Kempler has been buying and selling used shearing machinery for over 50 years.  Contact our buying department to sell your surplus shearing machine today.

AT Kempler, you will find numerous models by popular manufacturers, including Cincinnati, Amada, Pacific, Wysong, Niagara, Lodge & Shipley, Standard, Pexto, and more.