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Komatsu, Ltd. was founded in 1921 in Tokyo, Japan. Komatsu is known for producing a multitude of machines, from farm equipment to military vehicles, construction equipment and mining machines. Komatsu American Manufacturing corporation was set up in 1985, when they opened their first American plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Today, Komatsu has expanded their product line extensively, but they still make the quality OBI punch presses and other fabrication equipment you need.

Komatsu Machines For Sale
Used 27.5 Ton Komatsu O.B.I. Punch Press
27.5 Ton Komatsu OBS25-3, 3.14" str., 7.87" SH, 20.5" x 10.5" bed, air cl., 125 SPM, #28370
Used 121 Ton Komatsu #OBS110 O.B.I. Punch Press
121 Ton Komatsu #OBS110, 5.9” str., 18” SH, 43.6” x 27.6” bed, 32-65 SPM, #29110

Looking to Buy a Used Komatsu OBI Punch Press?

Kempler's inventory of pre-owned Komatsu presses includes OBI punch presses, and gap frame double crank presses. Komatsu has been producing high quality and reliable metalworking, metal forming and fabrication equipment since the 20s and Kempler is proud to be a used Komatsu machine dealer.

Our used Komatsu OBI punch press inventory is updated daily. If we do not currently have the Komatsu machine you’re looking for, our team of Komatsu press experts are here to help at 847-764-8600 or fill out this quick contact form.

For Sale: Used 88 Ton Komatsu O.B.I. Punch Press from

Find the Right Used Komatsu OBI Punch Press

Kempler carries a number of pre-owned Komatsu OBI punch presses. Our Komatsu inventory is always growing so check back often for the press you're looking for. If we don’t have the specific Komatsu punch press you need, contact our expert team, and we can assist you in finding the right used Komatsu press for your metalforming needs.

For Sale: Used 88 Ton Komatsu O.B.I. Punch Press from

Kempler is a Buyer of Used Komatsu OBI Punch Presses

Kempler Industries is always interested in purchasing used Komatsu OBI punch presses or used Komatsu gap frame double crank press. We can help auction or liquidate your surplus Komatsu machinery. Kempler is a family-owned business that has been buying and selling used industrial equipment since 1962. Over 50 years of experience and 3 generations makes Kempler uniquely qualified to be your trusted partner in the disposition of your Komatsu surplus.

Whether you need to liquidate a single Komatsu machine or an entire plant of metalworking equipment, we will help you convert your surplus metal fabrication machinery into cash quickly and efficiently. Our team is ready to help you sell your used Komatsu presses! Please fill out this quick contact form or call us at847-764-8600.

Komatsu OEM Spare Parts and Services

Komatsu is dedicated to customer service. If you need OBI punch press parts or repair services for your Komatsu machinery, visit the Komatsu website here:  or contact them here: