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Kempler Sells Used Wysong Shears and Brakes

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Wysong has a trusted reputation for American-made metal fabrication machinery known for its virtually indestructible builds. Kempler is a proud dealer and buyer of used Wysong shears and press brakes.

Wysong Machines For Sale
Used 52" X 12 Ga. Wysong #1252 Metal Shear
12 ga. x 52” Wysong #1252, 24” back gauge, 2 support arms, extra blades, #28884
Used 6 Ft. X 1/4" Wysong CNC Brake
100 Ton Wysong THS100-72, 6' OA, 54" BH, 24" Automec CNC 300 back gauge, #29242
Used 12 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #MTH140-144 CNC Brake
40 Ton Wysong # MTH140-144, 12' OA, 126" BH, 2-Axis CNC, #29206
Used 16 Ft. X 1/8" Wysong #MTH140-192 CNC Brake
140 Ton Wysong # MTH140-192, 16' OA, 14'6" BH, 16'x 1/8", 2-Axis CNC, #29234
Used 10 Ft. X 10 Ga. Wysong #1010-RD Metal Shear
10 ga. x 10’ Wysong 1010-RD, 24" FOPBG, 10' squaring arm, #29261
Used 12 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #MTH175-144 CNC Brake
175 Ton Wysong # MTH175-144, 12' OA, 126" BH, 12'x .218", 2-Axis CNC, #29235
Used 14 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #MTH175-144 CNC Brake
175 Ton Wysong #MTH175-144, 14' OA, 126" BH, 14' x 3/16", 1-Axis CNC, 2004, #29208
Used Wysong Hydraulic Press Brake
175 Ton Wysong #175-12, 14’ OA, 12’6” BH, 14 Ft. X 3/16", #28783
Used 6 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong Metal Shear
3/16" x 6' Wysong #772, 36" FOPBG, 42” sq arm, 2 support arms, #29203
Used 10 Ft. X 3/16" Wysong #1010 Metal Shear
3/16” x 10’ Wysong #1010, 24” back gauge, 9’ squaring arm, #29031

Looking to Buy a Used Wysong Shear?

Kempler's inventory of pre-owned Wysong metal shears includes used programmable CNC hydraulic shears, mechanical shears and more. Wysong Machines are proven to be one of the most durable and reliable metal shears for demanding metalworking, metal forming and fabrication applications.

Our Wysong shear inventory is updated daily. If we do not currently have the Wysong Machine you are looking for our team of Wysong experts are here to help at 877-737-6276 or fill out this quick contact form.

For Sale: Used 6 Ft. X 3/8" Wysong Metal Shear from Kempler.com

Find the Right Used Wysong Press Brake

Kempler also carries an inventory of pre-owned Wysong Hydraulic Press Brakes. Our inventory is always growing. If we do not carry a specific used Wysong brake currently, contact our expert team, and we can assist you in finding the right used hydraulic press.

For Sale: Used 10 Ft. X 10 Ga. Wysong Hydraulic Press Brake from kempler.com

Need to Sell Your Used Wysong Shears or Press Brakes?

Kempler Industries is always interested in purchasing used Wysong Press Brakes or used Wysong Shears. We can help auction or liquidate your surplus Wysong Machinery. Kempler is a family-owned business that has been buying and selling used industrial equipment since 1962. Over 50 years of experience and 3 generations makes Kempler uniquely qualified to be your trusted partner in the disposition of your Wysong surplus.

Whether you need to liquidate a single Wysong machine or an entire plant, we will help you convert your surplus metal fabrication equipment into cash quickly and efficiently. Our team is ready to help you sell your used Wysong Shears and Press Brakes! Please fill out this quick contact form or call us at 877-737-6276.

For Sale: Used 12 Ft. X 1/4" Wysong CNC Hydraulic Shear

Kempler is a Leading Chicago Area Dealer of Used Wysong Metal Shears and Used Wysong Presses

Kempler is located close to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and has 2 Elk Grove Village warehouses:

  • 1 40,000 sq. ft warehouse dedicated to hydraulic presses
  • 1 40, 000 sq. ft. building dedicated to fabricating equipment
  • Kempler’s warehouse is equipped with heavy overhead cranes, and we will load any machinery you purchase from us on a truck at no charge
  • Need help with freight?  Kempler will use its vast network of freight connections to help you find the most competitive shipping quote available
  • Can’t come see us in person?  Still want to see a Wysong shear or other Wysong machine under power?  Ask if we can make a video of a machine in action
  • Our technicians can show you exactly what you need to see and answer any specific questions you might have about any our Wysong machines:  877-737-6276


From backgauges to blades for all types of shears and control upgrades, Wysong strives to meet your needs and keep your machines running the way you expect. Their  technicians are available to help work through problems with you over the phone and find the exact part that will bring your machine back to working order.

Wysong Parts and Services can be found at https://wysong.us/wysong-machines/parts/ or give them a call at (336) 621-3960